Street Dog Love

Street Dogs Make the Best Pets!

Nieve’s Story

In the fall of 2021, a homeless man carried an injured puppy into a restaurant in Tulum, Mexico.  He had found the puppy in the jungle where it presumably had been attacked by another animal.  He did not have a way to care for the pup himself and said that he would have to take it back to the jungle and leave it there unless someone could help.  Our friend, Elizabeth, agreed to take the puppy and brought her to a local vet.  The pup was named Nieve (Spanish for “snow”) and after she received medical attention and was vaccinated and sterilized, she was placed in a temporary home in Mexico.  From there, Street Dog Love flew Nieve to the United States where she was adopted by Mary Beth and Josh. Today, Nieve is a sweet, goofy girl who loves hikes, swimming, squeaky toys, and playing with her big brother Sky. 


Can you help us rescue more street dogs like Nieve?